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About Rick Hudson

Award Winning Franchising History

The invaluable franchise experience Rick Hudson has gained over 17 years of franchise development and selling businesses will greatly help you evaluate franchise investment opportunities and achieve your goal of successful business ownership.

In 2003, he left a commercial real estate career for a corporate franchise development role with the world's largest franchisor of real estate brokerages.  He excelled right from the start with award winning sales results throughout the nation for Cendant Corporation (now Realogy) as well as experience selling other national brands and local businesses like Hallmark Card stores, Sears Auto Centers, and NAPA Auto Parts.

There are dozens of franchisees and former clients around the country that still turn to him for advice and guidance on franchise related issues.  He hopes to add you to those friendships, as well.



24-Hour Response

BIZVENDR will always return your phone, email, or text message within a 24-hour period.  Sometimes we're in client meetings.  Sometimes we're on long conference calls.  But, rarely are we ever more than 4-hours from returning responding to any attempt to reach us.  And we will never take more than 24-hours to get back to you.

One Step Ahead

We know the franchise business so well that we can walk the process in our sleep.  Our commitment to you is that we'll remain proactive and diligent as we consult with you to ensure your success in finding the right franchise.  We will meet every pre-determined deadline and meeting with you.

Maximum Integrity

The most profitable policy is honesty.  Even when it's hard to be honest we will be.  Even if it means losing a deal, we will be honest.  You can always rely on us telling you the truth.

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Expert Support Partners

Sometimes you're going to need additional help from professionals with very specialized knowledge.  We've got the "pros" all lined up!

Financial Advisors

It is very likely that you will need an accountant to help you draft a business plan or financial documents to help you impress a lender, investors, or especially the franchisor.  Everyone associated with you in the franchise wants to see that you have a solid financial understanding of the projections and profit potential for the franchise.  Not to mention, you want that confidence in the numbers also.

Legal Advisors

Even though franchise ownership can get a little complicated legally, it doesn't have to be.  And, just like you wouldn't see a foot doctor about your heart, you should make sure any attorney you seek franchise related advice from has franchise law experience.  They are not easy to find.  But, at BIZVENDR we have relationships with several of the nation's best you can turn to for guidance during the analysis stage and beyond.

Funding Sources

Specialized knowledge about franchising is important as it relates to funding your franchise investment too.  A typical small business or SBA lender rarely has experience understanding Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) or franchise agreements and without that background they're likely to make incorrect judgements about the potential success of your franchise business.  The lenders we'll connect you with have done thousands of franchise loans for billions of dollars.

Real Estate Professionals

More often than not the franchise you choose will offer and provide help to you in real estate related matters in leasing brick-and-mortar locations.  But, if that's not the case, BIZVENDR can help locate a real estate professional in your area for you to turn to for guidance.